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Shetron Auction & Equipment, LLC - R2: Shippensburg, PA - There is a 2% Internet Purchase Fee. Shetron Auction & Equipment charges 10% on each item selling for $10,000 or less and a $1,000 flat fee for each item selling for $10,001 or more.

Friday February 23rd 2018
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8001  Quick Attach Plate  
8002  Tomahawk Quick Attach Plate  
8003  Tomahawk Quick Attach Plate  
8004  Cattle Grate 6.5ft x 12ft  
8005  Cattle Grate 6.5ft x 12ft  
8006  Steel Tracks for Skid Steer  
8007  Precision Hot Water Pressure Washer PPT4400G  
8008  (4) 8.25-16/5.50 Solid Tires  
8009  Arrowhead S330 Hyd Hammer for Excavator  
8010  Precision Mig-250 Welder  
8011  36in Backhoe Bucket  
8012  Kenco Concrete Barrier Lifting Tool  
8013  2004 Stanley MB3570 Breaker Attachment  
8014  42in Cat Wheel Loader Forks  
8015  Care Tree Tree Spade No Plate  
8016  Ingersoll-Rand 185 Towable Air Compressor  
8017  1998 Ingersoll-Rand E30XWCU Towable Generator  
8018  2001 Ingersoll-Rand P185WJD Towable Air Compressor  
8019  Luck Now S60 6ft Snow Blower  
8021  Pro-Tote Model 8 Elite 5th Wheel Wrecker  
8022  Ingersoll-Rand LR-5B Soil Preperator  
8023  8ft Jib for Gehl Telescopic Forklift  
8024  (42) 5 Gallon Buckets of Hyd Oil  
8025  Bobcat Hyd Hammer for Skid Steer  
8026  48in Mower Deck  
8027  3pt Ford 400 Angle Plow  
8028  80in 4-in-1 Bucket  
8029  Ingersoll Rand Hoist  
8030  48in Pallet Forks  
8031  (5) 3in x 4in AR500 Spinner Target - Choice  
8031a  Dueling Tree Target  
8031b  Dueling Tree Target  
8032  (2) 16.5x10 Tires  
8033  2008 Bobcat 30C Post Hole Digger  
8034  1 Cubic Yard Self Dumping Hopper  
8035  42in Cat Wheel Loader Forks  
8037  Bobcat SS Mount Mortor Mixer  
8038  Steel Tracks for Case 440  
8039  10 Ton Floor Jack  
8040  Marathon Model 3G1PSL1602 Generator  
8041  John Deere BH750 Backhoe Attachment  
8042  Bobcat TS36M Tree Spade  
8043  8ft Snow Box SS Mount  
8044  78in Skid Steer Bucket  
8045  78in Skid Steer Bucket  
8046  78in Skid Steer Bucket  
8047  78in Skid Steer Bucket  
8048  Ingersoll-Rand TC-13 Trench Roller w/ Remote  
8049  Wacker RT820 Trench Roller  
8050  Wacker RT820 Trench Roller  
8051  Bobcat SB200 7ft Snow Blower  
8052  30in x 57in Weld Table  
8053  30in x 57in Weld Table  
8054  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8055  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8056  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8057  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8058  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8059  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8060  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8061  HD Quick Attach Plate  
8062  2 Yard Skid Steer Trash Hopper  
8063  2 Yard Self Dumping Hopper  
8064  1 Yard Self Dumping Hopper  
8065  1.5 Yard Skid Steer Trash Hopper  
8066  84in Fork Extension  
8067  84in Fork Extension  
8068  84in Fork Extension  
8069  72in Fork Extension  
8070  72in Fork Extension  
8071  72in Fork Extension  
8072  36in Excavator Bucket  
8073  18in Excavator Bucket  
8074  Earth Beaver SS Attachment  
8075  Stone Hydroblend Towable Mixer  
8092  Fork Grapple SS Mount  
8093  Hobart Champion Stick Welder  
8094  Reznor Propane Heater Model # UDAP225  
8095  Worksaver 3pt Mount Post Hole Digger  
8097  24in Tag Backhoe Bucket  
8098  60in Tractor Bucket  
8099  Truck Mount Frame for Snowplow  
8100  Western Pro-Flo Salt Spreader  
8101  Rock Blaster RB777 Hammer for Excavator  
8102  7ft Model E47 Snowplow w/ Truck Mount  
8201  Crown MFG Rock Picker  
8202  2000 lbs Platform for Forklift  
8203  Reading H-9-W-Y 8ft x 9ft 6in Flatbed Body  
8204  ABC 7ft 8in x 12ft 9in Truck Box  
8205  ABC 7ft 8in x 12ft 9in Truck Box  
8206  8ft x 16ft Steel Stake Body Dump Bed  
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